Lamebo is the main Italian producer of splitting band knives.

The splitting band knives are produced for use in different sectors of the leather industry: tanneries, shoe and leather manufacturing, and in other sectors involving cutting: cork factories, foam materials, leather, skins, cork, textiles, rubber, fur, paper, velvet, non-woven fabric
Above all, Lamebo knives are used in:

  • Tanneries: on splitting machines by Mosconi, Poletto, Rizzi, Turner, Svit, Linta , Alpespak, CSM, Mercier, and other machines.
  • Shoe manufacturers and Leathergoods :on leather splitting machines by Alberti, Atom-Ellegi, Camoga, Fortuna, Omsa-Sagitta, Albeko, Svit, and other machines.
  • Processing of foam, synthetics and cork factories: on machines by Fecken Kirfel and other machines.
  • Fur processing factory: for processing skins on machines by Capdevila, Gemata, Selbeck, and local machines.
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