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In 1969, Enrico and Rita Bocca realized that, by drawing on their many years of experience, they could fill the gap for a specialized company able to meet the growing and ever more sophisticated needs of customers using splitting band knives. So, in 1969 in San Mauro Torinese, Lamebo srl was born – “the Italian alternative to splitting band knives manufactured abroad”.

Having become the most important manufacturers of splitting band knives in Italy, Lamebo started to scale the international markets: a new phase then began under the guidance of Gabriella Marchioni Bocca.

Now, after celebrating its 45th anniversary, Lamebo srl has become the undisputed global Leader of quality splitting knives in the tannery, shoe manufacturing, leather and fur industries, as well as in the processing of foam, synthetics, rubber and cork.

LAMEBO’s experience, and technical and business know-how means it is a highly reliable and qualified partner, able to address the needs and problems of its vast customer base.

Today, Lamebo can lay claim to a worldwide sales network. We have over 1700 customers scattered across 90 countries all over the world.

To keep in close touch with its customers and get a better understanding of their individual needs, Lamebo participates in international trade fairs, technological seminars, meetings with local representatives, and offers tailor-made consultancy based on its customers’ requirements.

If you can’t find the answers to your specific questions, then contact us and we will be more than happy to find a solution to your problem.

Today, the name Lamebo stands for a truly global leader in the splitting band knives sector.

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