Recommendations for Use

The splitting band knives must be kept in their protective box and removed from the inside one at a time.

  • Band knives must be kept in their crate, protected by nylon, taking out one blade at a time.
  • For what concerns the tannery splitting band knives, it is necessary to remove the 'resin-glass' protection of welding, only at the moment of the installation on the machine. NEVER bend the welding point (marked by our trade-mark). In case of any complaint, you can find our production references, near the trade-mark.
  • Blades must be clean and protective oil must be removed ; furthermore, please do not bump into blades during cleaning and assembling.
  • Blades must be assembled on fly-wheels, perfectly grinded. Guide-blades, rollers, and plates must be in a good condition, otherwise, blade could not revolve straight.
  • On old machines - adjusted manually - blade must be neither too much tight or too much slack.
  • After the assembling, blade must idle some minutes in order to be able to settle down well, on fly-wheels. Afterward, one can make the machine setting.
  • SHARPENING: our band knives are already pre-sharpened to facilitate the technician and to speed up the operation. It is important to make the first bevel very slowly to avoid overheating the steel and changing its structure, with the prejudice of a good output.
  • The good relation between blade and grinding stone will be the guarantee of the best life of blade.
  • Bevel must be always scratched, never shiny.

We usually recommend following the manufacturer's instructions for the angle of inclination of the bevel.

In wet blue: the bevel for this process is 5 mm. above and 3 mm. below.

In lime: the bevel for this process is 6 mm. above and 4 mm. below.

In dry: the bevel for this process is 3.5 mm. above and 2.5 mm. below (but no longer because it will weaken the cut).

The bevel must be rough and not smooth.

The bevel must always be in very centre of the thickness.

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