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Lamebo produces all kinds of splitting band knives, of any size that can be used in any sector and on any splitting machines, based on your requirements for length (from 1000 to over 15000 mm), width (from 10 to 110 mm) and thickness (from 0.40 to 1.50 mm).

We can offer you a wide range of the best raw materials in Europe, specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of any kind of application, to split any kind of material (leather, fur, paper, rubber, India rubber, cork, velvet and textiles in general, foams, non-woven material, coir) in any state (dry, wetblue, lime, in different harnesses)and in relation to the grinding wheels utilized.

The knives are ground on both surfaces to guarantee a uniform thickness, machined on the edges to guarantee maximum straightness when used and pre-beveled to reduce the time taken to start operation once they are mounted on the splitting machine.

We have a full stock of all the combinations of thicknesses and widths of raw materials which means we are able to create any kind of splitting bandknife.

Lamebo works in conjunction with the main worldwide manufacturers of splitting machines to fine tune the combination of splitting machine and knife during the design and production phase.

Lamebo knives can be mounted on any splitting machine, leather splitter or cutter. (Alpespak, Mosconi, CSM, Mercier, Gemata-Linta,Rizzi,Poletto, Turner, Kela, Svit, Alberti, Atom-Ellegi, Camoga, Fortuna, Omsa-Sagitta, Albeko, Bangda, Dashun, Nippy, Fecken Kirfel, Baumer, Capdevila, Gemata, Selbeck, Perini, etc.)

Need a splitting bandknife, but can't find one? Let us custom-make it for you.

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