Quality is a MUST for staying in the market - especially in an increasingly difficult and globalised market.

Lamebo continues to progress and improve and to do so, it must strive towards constant renewal, but above all, it must listen to its customers' requirements and production needs.

Gabriella Bocca, Italian and International sales director, along with the sales team, follows and personally meets with customer and representatives on a regular basis to pass requirements and requests from various markets to the technical production staff who, in turn, work closely with Italian and international manufacturers of band knife splitting machines.

Dynamic, versatile, competitive: these are the company's characteristics and a tangible sign of the presence and credibility of Lamebo on a global level.

  • Programmed order management
  • Prompt delivery within one week
  • Emergency deliveries: within 24 hours
  • Selection of competitive couriers
  • Door to door service
  • Personalised customer and order management

By listening carefully to its customers, Lamebo has been able to diversify its quality and fulfill all their requirements for both quality and budget.

The qualities are:




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