Splitting band knives for Tanneries, leather production and textile processing

We can offer you a wide range of the best raw materials in Europe, specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of any kind of application; this combined with our experience, research and feedback means we can offer you the steel best suited to your use in consideration of:

  • the interaction that occurs between the chemical-physical composition of the steel of the knife and the products used in the tanning or leather production;

  • the state of the leather being produced (lime, wet blue, dry, white crust, etc.);

  • the type of processing to be done;

  • the wheel used in grinding

The most common combinations of width and thickness used on splitting machines for tanneries and fur factories are:

115 x 1.20 mm.

90 x 1.20 mm

85 x 1.00 mm..


110 x 1.20 mm.

85 x 1.20 mm.

85 x 0.90 mm


100 x 1.20 mm.

90 x 1.10 mm.

85 x 0.80 mm.


95 x 1.20 mm.

90 x 1.00 mm.

70 x 0.80 mm.



We have a large variety of raw steel in our warehouses which means Lamebo can create any combination of width and length:

Thickness: from 0.80 mm. to 1.20 mm.

Width: from 70 mm. to 115 mm.

The hardness, expressed in Rockwell degrees, of the different raw materials can be changed, on request, from 44 to 50 HRC.

Production tolerances:


Lamebo Extra ®

Length: mm. ± 20

Width : mm. +0 / -1

Thickness: mm. +0.005 / -0.015

Linearity (oscillation of moving knife): mm. ± 0.025


Lamebo Platinum ®

Length: mm. ± 10

Width: mm. +0 / -1

Thickness: mm. +0 / -0.01

Linearity (oscillation of moving knife) mm. ± 0.02


We can design a new band knife based on your requirements for special, non-standard applications.

Need a splitting band knife, but can’t find one? Let us custom-make it for you.

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